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WinCC OA VIDEO is used to visualize video components and control cameras and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras either by means of a control panel or using a keyboard and mouse. The combination of WinCC OA and video surveillance is more cost-effective than using separate video interfaces, and additional maintenance and operational expenditure are reduced.

WinCC OA VIDEO can be integrated into any existing WinCC OA application in Windows or Linux and it can be configured and expanded online. In accordance with the WinCC OA concept, it can be set up as a redundant unit.


This document is provided AS-IS and does not replace/correct the standard WinCC OA help files. It is not an official document and no rights can be taken from it.

Version History

WinCC OA version 3.15 P07

Supported Operating Systems

Install WinCC OA Video Module

  1. Launch the WinCC OA installer
  2. Tick box “Video add-on”
  1. Open WinCC OA Project Administrator
  2. Create a “Standard project”
  1. Open WinCC OA Project Administrator
  2. Select/Highlight your project
  3. Add the WinCC OA video sub-project into the project you’ve just created
  1. Start your project
  1. Drag and drop the “VIDEO_OA_scripts.lst” from the GEDI into the WinCC OA Console
  2. Start the newly added manager
  1. Right-click, select “append new manager” and add the “WCCOAvideoOA” video manager
  2. Set your start mode to “always” and click OK
  1. Open ASCII Manager: GEDI > System Management > Database > ASCII Manager
  2. Import Video datapoint list
  1. Confirm WinCC OA CCTV video module has been installed by navigating to GEDI > System Management > Video – WinCC OA video module icon will be visible and now the video option is available in your project
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