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All WinCC OA application files are stored in the project folder and its sub-directories. There are two ways to backup this folder:

  1. Offline backup
  2. Online backup

Offline Backup

  • Stop your WinCC OA application and just copy the entire project folder using e.g. Windows Explorer. The default project directory is located c:\ > WinCCOA_Proj > <your winccoa project name>

Online Backup

  • In the WinCC OA GEDI, navigate to system management > database > Online backup

This WinCC OA panel will allow you to make a backup of a running project and allow you to:

  • “DB” tab – Make a backup of the database (log files and the database will be backed up)
  • “Parameterization” tab (all other project files will be backed up respectively)

If you do not want to backup all historically saved information

You can select the corresponding time range in the Configuration Tab of the Online Backup dialog;

"DB backup dating back to" 

Additionally, you can check the box “Backup all not archived HDB datasets” to backup all datasets that haven’t been archived yet. Please be aware that you may backup a longer interval with this option than the selected time range.


An application can get quite big especially when you have ‘value archives’ running. If you want to reduce the amount of data at the backup directory you can delete the following folders in the backup directory (!!Not the running project files!!), after making the backup;

\log,\db\pvss\VA_00**. When deleting the VA_00** files you will not have a backup of the historical saved values (_offline-value)

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