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Inside of WinCC OA version 3.17, Git will be natively supported, however, with a little bit of work, you can leverage it with version release 3.16.  In this post, I will go through the required steps to add Git to your project along with a panel (available for download – see link below) that will be needed to finish the integration.


Make sure you have Git installed on your development PC. You can download Git @ For help installing Git onto your development PC, check out knowledge base article: DevOps: Install Git on Windows 10

  1. Create a repository in a hosted area, GitHub is used for this example.
  1. After the repository has been created copy the link that looks like the one that is highlighted and store it somewhere for later.
  1. Open an existing WinCC OA project or create a new one.  Then in the config file add following lines:
versionControl = “git”
defaultPanelFormat = “XML”
numPanelBakFiles = 0
  1. Restart the OA project so that the system sees the configuration changes.  OA will then run the -git init command in the background to get everything ready.  Once the system has restarted and you launch GEDI you will be prompted with two WinCC OA notifications:
  2. Click “Yes” so that your project will be put under Git version control.
  1. Enter your repository username for commits.
  1. Right-click a panel or a script and confirm the below options.  Before you click any of the options we have to register the project to the repo we created earlier.
  1. Download the attached panel file, gitRepo.xml, then open and Quick Test with it.
  1. When you are in quick test mode, paste the URL you saved earlier in the text field and hit the Assign button.

We have now just connected our WinCC OA 3.16 project to a GitHub repository that we can now utilize all the power that the Git platform provides us.

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