FAQ: WinCC OA V3.17 Supported OS

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Software Requirements

The following specifications list configurations tested by Siemens ETM and that are officially supported. Particularly for the new Linux distributions, this is the latest status; recommended updates to new kernel versions or patches are possible as are service packs for Windows.


The Windows user of WinCC OA must be a member of the default group “Power Users”.

In the following table entries marked with “Yes” refer to the fact that it is allowed to run the application in production use. “Client” refers to a remote computer which is designed for the system of a user interface.


  • The TCP/IP protocol has to be installed on the platforms because the communication of the managers in WinCC OA is made TCP!
  • The SFN (8.3) format for file names is not supported by WinCC OA!

Installing patches

Following notes must be considered for installing patches to your WinCC OA version:

  • You have to stop WinCC OA (incl. console, project administration, PMON, and log viewer) before installing a patch.
  • For installing Delta RPM patches on Linux the command applydeltarpm must be available on your system!
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