Help Articles: Wibu-key and WinCC OA License Troubleshooting

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Here are a few troubleshooting tips for customers using a Wibu dongle key and corresponding “shield.txt” license file. This help article is valid for WinCC OA versions 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, and 3.16. WinCC OA version 3.17 uses an updated license management tool called CodeMeter by Wibu-Systems.

  1. Make sure the WibuKey Setup option was installed with your version of WinCC OA located in:
    Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
  2. If WibuKey Setup was not installed
    • Right-click on your installed version of WinCC OA located in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and select “Change”
    • Select “Modify”
    • Tick the box “Hardware dongle support” and select install
  3. Once you have confirmed WibuKey Setup is installed
    • Confirm the Wibu USB key is plugged in.
    • Click the get hardware code button located on your project administration panel. If the PC is reading the WibuKey you should get the following returned value: dongleHost <WibuKey HWcode>
  4. Confirm the WibuKey HW code matches the HW code on the shield.txt file. This license should be installed in the installation directory located here; C:\Siemens\Automation\WinCC_OA\<installed version>
  5. If you have multiple versions of WinCC OA installed, the software will install side by side. If you have not deleted the previous installation files (deletion not required), please confirm sure you have installed your shield.txt license file into the correct file directory.
  6. Navigate to; C:\WinCC_OA_Proj\<your project name>\log, then delete the PVSS_II log file. Please do this so you can get a fresh log file for this particular event.
  7. Restart your console and open up the log viewer to see if the system accepts the shield.txt license file.
  8. If it does not, then navigate back to;
    • C:\WinCC_OA_Proj\<your project name>\log
    • Copy the newly created PVSS_II  log file
    • Email the PVSS_II log file to us at
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