HMI / SCADA / MES & IoT Platform

WinCC Open Architecture

WinCC OA software powers everything you do in your industrial plant. Openly connect to your automation systems, building management, and video surveillance systems. Visualize and operate your processes, manufacturing execution, production flows, machines and plants in all lines of business. WinCC OA is the gateway to plant data at your fingertips.

WinCC OA Common UI platform

The software platform you've been looking for.


Use single board computers up to large complex systems. WinCC OA's event-based system provides twice the functionality with half the hardware requirement.


From the automation level up to management use. WinCC OA is a system without limits and adaptable to grow with the necessary extensions as needed.


Empower your platform independence with software that supports virtualization and available for Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems.


WinCC OA employs cutting-edge development concepts. End-to-end object orientation sets news standards for industrial information software.

HMI / SCADA / MES & IoT Platform

Scalable user experience.

Innovative development concepts have empowered the WinCC OA user community with the freedom of choice. Complete openness allows you to connect to any field device, choose any operating system, use any reporting tool and deliver information on any device at any time. Start small with a single HMI system without the hassle of running into limits. WinCC OA can scale from a single 128 data point server to millions of data points running on thousands of connected servers.

WinCC OA Distributed

High Availability

Mission Critical.

For process industry and discrete manufacturers that require highly available systems and regulatory compliance. WinCC OA supports multi-server redundant configurations with built in high performance historian tools, to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and system uptime.

WinCC OA DCS System

Screens courtesy of Corso Systems

WinCC OA Video

Integrated Surveillance Video

Video Mangement.

Control your cameras, store your recordings and correlate surveillance video with your historical archive data. Save time and money by consolidating SCADA and video surveillance into one cohesive software package.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Connect. Analyze. Improve.

Connect your people, processes, workflows and machines with built in database tools and analytics. Built in MES functionality provides the middleware that acts as the digital glue for your existing systems to efficiently bridge the gap between Enterprise Resource Planning and the plant floor. Power your continuous improvement with real time key performance indicators and drive low cost highly efficient operations.

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