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Today's digital world runs on data. The more you know about how your systems are performing, the faster you can increase production, improve efficiency, boost safety, and reduce costs. We are a Siemens Digital Industries value-added reseller that helps you select, install, test, and train you on solutions that will give you complete control over your data. Gain the real-time visibility you need to improve processes, reduce costs, increase reliability and availability, and support sound business decisions.

Customer Centric

Our customers choose to work with KAASM because we understand the challenges you face managing complex mission-critical systems. We’ve helped clients in the food and beverage industry, water/wastewater treatment, energy, pulp and paper, building products, aerospace, transportation, Marine, and tourism access real-time data to increase safety, productivity, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce energy demand.

Reduce Project Risk

We test new software changes in our laboratory before it is put into action on your production floor. Then we manage your software licensing for you and provide timely tech support to ensure peak performance on all your mission-critical systems.

Save Time and Money

KAASM has built a robust and local network of integration partners that can help get your project done fast for less. Our local lab and training facilities reduce time away from the job and cut down on travel costs

Find the Right Solutions

We work directly with you to define your goals and recommend the solutions that will deliver performance.

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Discover how KAASM can help you take control of data, manage industrial IT, visualize plant performance, and bring transparency to your information needs. Contact us today to get started!