Real-time data collected through industrial tracking systems enables efficient inventory management, facilitates predictive maintenance, improves supply chain visibility, and better utilizes resources to enhance productivity and reduce operational costs.


Locera is a simple, yet powerful global hub for location and identification data. Access to extensive location intelligence and history helps customers quickly achieve safety, efficiency, and regulatory results by automating the track and trace of assets, vehicle monitoring, and integration into existing systems. Built in the cloud, Locera makes it easy to know where everything is, from anywhere, at anytime.


Locate and track everything from critical assets to forklifts to people. Integrate and bring your business, MES, and SCADA systems to life with precise real-time location or point-in-time RFID data supplied by Locera’s powerful API and Webhooks


Locera provides a robust API and webhooks to enable modern IT integrations. Easy connectivity to MES, SCADA, and business systems, increase the value and context of your location data. The Locera API is included at no additional cost.


Locera is powered by Amazon Web Services and designed to be secure, performant, resilient, and efficient. Locera supports modern IT standards, removes the headache of maintaining computing infrastructure, and reduces total cost of ownership.


Cloud services combined with RTLS/RFID devices form the core of Locera's technology. Attach transponders or RFID tags to objects, deploy tracking gateways or readers, and begin to access real-time location and identification intelligence.

Key Features

• Webhooks

• Cloud-native

• Role based access

• Automatic updates

• Unlimited users

• Audit trail





• Power BI

• Business systems



• Forklift utilization

• Materials lifecycle

• Contact tracing

• Critical tools tracking

• WIP cycle tracking

• Asset tracking

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