Lynsey Voter

Lynsey Voter

With KAASM since 2018

"Working with our innovative team has been a blast. Technology changes so fast and often, and we are always pushing to stay ahead of the curve for our customers."

A Little Bit About Lynsey

As the Director of Sales at KAASM, I am responsible for our company's sales performance. As a Seattle native, I've had the opportunity of working with technology companies since 2006. This access to tech has provided me the experience to understand different types of solutions that are available and effectively utilize my experience to best educate and serve our customers.

Lynsey Voter

Lynsey was instrumental in writing and managing one of the largest water projects in WA state in recent years as her technical response to the RFP was the key to the team winning the project. Overall Lynsey is a real people person and is fun, vibrant, a joy to be around, and she is a team leader.


Lynsey’s primary objective in any situation is to help people drive positive operational change through relevant solution-based approaches to achieve their goals. I will continue to seek her support for current and future-state opportunities to drive increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and provide process tools to enhance all employee’s experiences within the organization.


I have had the honor of working for Lynsey as her sales manager for several years (my role was to mentor and get out of her way!). The basics; people skills, problem solving, creativity in the deal, following the process, having and executing a strategy, leveraging technology, using teams, collaboration, and team work she has in spades. The bright outlook for Lynsey is in not only continuing her amazing success as a strategic sales executive, but what she will be capable of as she grows into larger roles.



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