Shawn Sandoval - Seattle, WA

Shawn Sandoval

With KAASM since 2013

"I admire KAASM’s culture, modern approach to consulting, and access to innovative technologies that enable us to best serve and create value for our customers and ecosystem."

A Little Bit About Shawn

I’m a Pacific Northwest native who has been helping industrial organizations achieve business results since 2001. I am passionate about our clients, our team, and our company. I’ve been fortunate enough during my career to experience tremendous technology shifts from multiple perspectives. These perspectives have allowed me to “walk a mile in other people’s shoes” and build an unwavering commitment to understand our client's business objectives and deliver high impact results.

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Shawn’s most valuable attribute is his ability to translate the details into big-picture financial/company implications. His approach across all levels of an organization, both horizontally and vertically, is seamless.


1) Customer, 2) Company, and 3) Self. It won’t take too long to understand Shawn’s business priorities. It is because of these values that make Shawn such a valuable asset as an employee, a co-worker, a sales advisor, or a friend. Shawn truly cares about the solutions he delivers, and takes the time to get to know his customers and their needs; he is an expert at information gathering. If there’s one thing you can always be sure of with Shawn, it is that he will do the right thing; even if it means it doesn’t benefit him.


As a manager in a national corporation, I have had the honor of working with Shawn as he mentored those around him, including myself. Time and time again, sales records show he has excelled under normal working conditions and risen to the occasion under extraordinary ones. His innate understanding of the driving factor behind a person's decision making, allows him to solve problems that lead to fostering relationships and creating solutions prior to a conflict ever occurring.


I have seen in Shawn a gift of understanding, articulating, and leading others in the complex industrial world including the many business and industry directions and the associated standards, technologies, and products. In this age of digital transformation and exponential change, we are easily overcome with all the possibilities. The cost of going down a technology path that never lives up to its promises or not changing can be catastrophic to a business. Shawn and the company he has created in KAASM provides an invaluable resource to any industrial company navigating this environment. While there are many that are good at articulating visionary solutions, KAASM has demonstrated a pragmatic ability to help companies successfully implement flexible solutions that position them for this digital future while also satisfying their current business needs and constraints.


Shawn Sandoval - Seattle, WA

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