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Doom and WinCC OA get Embed Together

By Calvin Hamus | 03/31/2020
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One of the best things about working for KAASM is the ability to try different things while challenging my creativity among our solutions and the tutorials I’ve put together. As a big player of video games and lover of video game culture and history, I have been thinking a lot about the new game Doom Eternal.

It led me to wonder if I could get the original Doom to run inside of WinCC OA? The creative juices started flowing and after a few setbacks and lots of caffeine, I answered my question. Yes, you can run Doom inside of WinCC OA!!  Would this ever be useful to an end customer? Probably not. However, it does show the flexibility of the software and its ability to do almost anything you ask of it. Hopefully, somewhere out there, an operator is secretly setting up deathmatches in their downtime.

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St. Paddy’s Day Happy Half-hour (virtual)

By KAASM | 03/17/2020
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Most likely you are working from home just like the rest of us. Considering your disposition as a social animal and the potential onset of cabin fever. We wanted to do something cool for the remote working community. Join us for a St. Paddy’s Day happy half-hour (virtual). No frills, just the best half-hour of your life at the virtual pub. Public message chat will be available. And music, too!

Here is the link to our virtual happy hour – Starts at 3:00 PM PST

Sadly. This event has ended. Cheers!

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Creative Dissatisfaction

Company Culture: Creative Dissatisfaction

By KAASM | 06/25/2019
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As someone with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, I decided to take an eLearning course from Udemy. It was the perfect way to pass time during my exhilarating commute to Seattle. While listening to a lecture about company values and culture, the concept of “Creative Dissatisfaction” was particularly thought-provoking.

Werner Von Siemens
LL Von Siemens

Creative Dissatisfaction is a personal and cultural mindset of always wanting to improve. It is the gap between where you, your team, or your company, are; and where you could be. Someone who is creatively dissatisfied is always striving towards excellence, which leads to innovation. Constantly challenging yourself to improve your performance or processes is the foundation of being successful, and this can be applied in all aspects of your life.

When you become satisfied, complacency sinks in and you lose the passion for innovation and forward thinking. I don’t think I have ever met an ambitious person that is content with being “good enough.”

Imagine how the “instant parties of the 80s” would have been affected had it not been for Werner von Siemens’ “Creative Dissatisfaction”. He invented the moving-coil transducer, which is one of the foundations of loudspeaker technology. Dope!

Would you consider yourself creatively dissatisfied? What about where you work?

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