WinCC OA: Discontinued in V3.17

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With the recent release of WinCC OA V3.17, Siemens/ETM has improved and extended modern features into the platform and stopped supporting outdated a few outdated components. The following post highlights some of those changes.

Features Discontinued in 3.17

COM manager 32bit

The COM manager will be no longer available as 32bit version.

Login based on hook functions

Siemens/ETM will no longer support this functionality in WinCC OA 3.17. Siemens/ETM strongly recommends taking a  closer look at the WinCC OA new login framework (see the documentation for details).

OLEDB Provider

The OLEDB provider will no longer be supported, please have a look at the Excel Report or recommended SOAP Reporting Interface.

Advanced S7-Lib

This will no longer be supported. Siemens/ETM will provide the source code at, please note that this will be provided without support, liability or guarantee of functionality.

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