Technology Partners: TopView Alarm Notification Software

At KAASM we work tirelessly to find solutions that solve problems, improve daily operations, and are highly reliable. Most recently, we’ve explored, tested, and validated the alarm notification software package, TopView by Exele.

Typically applied in oil and gas and water/wastewater industries, TopView is reliable, feature-rich, and offers instant-failover redundancy at both the HMI and Alarm Engine level for customers who require high-availability. After spending quite a bit of time with TopView, I came up with a list of key features that I wanted to share with you:

  • HMI platform-independent
  • Support for online changes
  • Individual alarm delays for notification, schedules, and priorities
  • Acknowledge alarms through your email
  • Simple to use on-call and schedule management tools
  • Tags, alarms, contacts, schedules, and escalations import/export via CSV
  • Advanced alarm analytics, scheduled and/or on-demand reporting
  • Includes smart device mobile app

Check out what NRG has to say about TopView

“I realized I needed a way to automatically get notified when something stopped working or was in alarm, so I could begin responding or even correct the problem before it impacted plant operations (or was noticed by plant management). I was told about Exele and the TopView software and with just a couple of quick questions to tech support I had it up and running. All it has done is performed flawlessly through the years, and every upgrade brings valuable features that enhance our sophistication with alarms and notifications. The system has infinite potential, and the only limitation is my vision and effort to configure it – and it is so easy I have no excuse! Couldn’t be more pleased with the product and company, I wish everything worked so well, my life would be so much easier.” – Doug Netting, NRG

With a ton of references and happy customers, TopView has done a great job serving the industry’s alarm notification requirements. If you would like a demo or to learn more about TopView, contact us!

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