News & Updates: KAASM is Awarded the Bronze Eagle

Siemens’ highest recognition for top-performing companies is the Business Excellence Eagle Award. KAASM has been recognized for its 2018 performance in the areas of sales achievement, support capabilities, and commitment to business excellence. Less than 5% of eligible partners receive this prestigious award.

Siemens Business Excellence Award 2018

This is a great honor and we look forward to continuing our innovative business relationship with Siemens.

-James Mowrey, KAASM


Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, KAASM is a new breed of Siemens partner that provides sales, support, training, and consulting services to various industries looking to digitize their operations. KAASM enables its customers to gain real-time visibility of their industrial data to improve processes, reduce costs, increase reliability and availability, and support sound business decisions.

KAASM Founders – James Mowrey and Shawn Sandoval

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